What’s on in Puglia this Summer

polig5-crop resizedNo matter that it has been summer here, by any normal standards, for weeks. Soon it will be SUMMER, and a whole succession of happenings take place:  feast days, fairs,  outdoors concerts and wonderful opportunities for people watching, as eveyone gets dressed up to the nines and parades around all evening!

We have listed public events below but, particularly around Ferragosto, there will be happenings everywhere and we will keep this list updated as there is a tendency here to publish things at the last moment.

For the young, or young at heart there are outdoors clubs and dancing on the beach until dawn, for those with families or who want a more sedate holiday help is at hand

We have organised a whole range of activities from boat trips, to country walks with picnics, cooking lessons, wine tasting and more. Most activities, other than beach and boat trips take place late afternoon/early evening when it will be cooler. While we can, and do, offer made to measure activities these are for anyone to join in. We have even reserved sun beds and lunch places at one of the nicest beaches and will be sending along babysitters and a life guard to supervise children while adults relax…. On the subject of families, some activities are specially designed for adults and children to do together, such as the pizza and foccaccia making evenings, and childcare and parallel children’s activities are available for more ‘adult’ activities such as wine tasting.

See our calendar here http://www.personalpuglia.com/activities-in-puglia/ but remember places must be prebooked and numbers are limited – some dates are already full.

If you are staying in a villa we can also arrange for a ‘tasting case’ of local wine to be delivered before you arrive, do your food shopping for you so that your fridge is pre stocked, arrange cooks or babysitters, massages or yoga teachrs and anything else you can think of! Email info@personalpuglia.com for details.

Here are some local events taking place in July and August (transport can be arranged)

From the 13th of July – 4th of August: Festival della Valle d’Itria. Annual music festival, this year special events to mark the anniversaties of Wagner and Verde, Opera (including a specially commissioned opera for children, Lieder, Chamber music, Madrigals, Jazz http://www.festivaldellavalleditria.it :

From the 14th – 18th July, Polignano a Mare (Largo Ardito) Fair for the feast day of the Madonna del Carmine – stalls selling food, crafts and other prodcts, every evening

16th July: Madonna del Carmine, Conversano: The statue of the Madonna, along with that of Saint Elia is processed around the town, illuminations, bands, fireworks

26th July- 10th August, Locus festival, Locorotondo: International Jazz, funk, blues http://www.locusfestival.it/locusfestival/?p=74

24th- 28th July: Sagra dell’arrosto, Cisternino, Piazza Navigatori : stalls selling roast meat and meat products as well as other local specialities, folk music, dancing, bands06-06 agosto Vallata

4th August: Conversano, Maris Stella: Sagra del bocconotto (local cake with cherries and almonds), folk music

6th August: Monopoli, Contrada Ciporelli: Traditonal music and dancing, tasting of local products

12 th August: Monopoli, Contrada Virbo: Feast of the Aia 14° Festa dell’Aia. Sagra of the Panzerotto, local fruit and pastries, folk music and dancing

14th August: Monopoli, Madonna Della Madia, Cala Batteria. Annual renactment (the ‘real’ one is in December) of the arrival of an icon of the Madonna by sea, on a raft at night. Representatives of all the local churches process down to the port and there is music while the Madonna arrives, before being processed through the streets, followed by fireworks. Magical…..

15th – 17th August: Locorotondo, Festa di San Rocco: livestock fair, market stalls, bands, tasting of local specialities including roast meats, focaccia, olives. Firework display on the night of the 16th with local teams competing for the best display

16th August: Conversano, Festa di San Rocco : the saints day is celebrated with processions including horses and riders in medieval costume : http://www.icollegia.it

26th August: Ostuni, Cavalcata di San Oronzo: the Patron saint’s statue is carried around town accompanied by knights on horseback.

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