About Caroline

Caroline Edwards is a journalist, travel organiser & now, almost exclusively, a property consultant who moved from Pimlico to Puglia fifteen years ago and has never looked back!

Past projects include writing a guide book and promotions for the local provinces & region, consultancy for local hotels & villa agencies, and designing and arranging lots of holidays or events for groups as well as  individual clients. She has fast established a reputation as the ‘go to person’ for anything to do with Puglia even working with the BBC to bring The Hairy Bikers to the area ..

In the last ten years Caroline has concentrated on helping clients to buy property in the area, as well as offering a full project management service, from the initial obtaining of quotes, to supervising all the work, to schedule and on budget – including interior and exterior design if required. What used to be a hobby (she used to enjoy restoring houses in the UK) has become  her main day to day work and she has put together a great team from engineers to artisans. Being bilingual in Italian helps!

When she is not knee deep in plaster and fabric swatches, Caroline enjoys exploring the beautiful local towns and beaches, cooking with the fantastic local produce and, inadvertently, adopting half the stray cats in Nardò, where she lives.

Some previous projects (click on the numbers):

1a This property sold for 100,000 more than purchase and restoration cost a year after completion (owners moved away)

1b) Phase two of the project above including landscaping and pool designed by Caroline, whereas interiors were clients’

2 This is one of my favourite projects as I had virtually carte blanche on the interiors

3 Happy with this result on a very tight budget

4 Before and after videos of a recent project completed in record time