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This is the first newsletter  since the April one – apologies to all subscribers but we have been very busy organising all of our planned activities for the summer, and also I have been helping some people to find and buy a house, get quotes for the necessary work and so on. In both cases I have definitely come  up against the less pleasurable aspects of life in the South of Italy, namely  the need to do constant ‘salti mortali’  (death leaps) to overcome layer upon layer of bureaucracy, red tape, and a, shall we say, flexible, attitude to  time keeping or the need to make any decisions whatsoever within a set time frame!

PORTO ghiacciolo sunbedsNo matter, nothing that a quick trip to the beach every so often can’t resolve and some of the lovely visitors whose holidays we have organised in this period have provided definite moments of  light relief!

At the end of it all we have managed to convince enough providers to go against the grain, and work our way. We  have been able to organize a whole raft of activities for the summer and autumn months, allowing English speaking visitors to access all sorts of interesting holiday ‘extras’ from beach trips with reserved spaces and childcare to wine tasting, cooking lessons, boat trips and lots more (see )

The weather has been unusually erratic, but it finally looks like summer is here to stay, the sea has warmed up and life is good!  The first apricots and melons are in the markets, and tomatoes, zucchini and peppers are coming into their own. My recipe for this month is perfectly summery and one of my favourites, zucchini alla poverella. Courgettes with olive oil, mint and garlic – the perfect antipasto or side dish for a June lunch or dinner. See it here.

Villa and hotel bookings have been steadily increasing with each year and, for a while, it has been a challenge finding August availability. There is still some July availability though, and availability after the 24th of August. One new property still has August availability before the 24th but this will change very fast. We are offering a discount up to 30% on all remaining availability to our newsletter subscribers, facebook fans, or followers of the personal  puglia blog,

Here are some of the offers:

Trulli Dragone (http://www.personalpuglia.com/portfolio/trulli-dragone-the-perfect-rural-retreat-yet-with-a-village-nearby/gallery/villas-in-puglia/)  30% discount from 29th June to 20th July and after 24th August. Normal price 2300 a week –discounted price 1500 the perfect villa for families – sleeps 6+4

Villa Delia

Villa Delia

Villa Delia (sleeps 6+2) (see picture and email us  for more pics and details) 20% off from 6th-20th of July and after 24th August

The Sanctuary : Sleeps 10 1-13th July 25% reduction or 20% after the 24th of August  (http://www.personalpuglia.com/portfolio/the-sanctuary-holiday-villa-in-puglia/gallery/villas-in-puglia/)

Trulli Favola  (http://www.personalpuglia.com/portfolio/trulli-favola-a-gorgeous-trulli-villa-in-puglia/gallery/villas-in-puglia/)  13th-27th July 10% discount   or 20% for a two week booking . sleeps 10  4500 or 4000

Trulli Anna

Trulli Anna

Trulli Anna (sleeps 6) (see picture and email us for more pics and details) 20% off from 6th-13th of July and after the 24th of August) discounted price 2000 euros a week.

Trulli Vista:sleeps 4+2   24th August-7th September 20% discount , discounted price 2500 (http://www.personalpuglia.com/portfolio/trulli-vista-a-little-bit-of-paradise-in-puglia/gallery/villas-in-puglia/)  See review here

New this summer – high season availability: 

Masseria RIta

Masseria RIta

Masseria Rita (see picture and email for more pics and details) sleeps 4.+2  Available all of

August  at  a 30% discount. Discounted price 1250 a week  (new pool was delayed so couldn’t promote earlier)

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