February property in Puglia newsletter

This is slightly different from the last property newsletter in that there are very few properties in it because I haven’t been on many general property viewing trips yet this year – January has been taken up helping people on specific property searches and a trip back to the U.K. I have uploaded a new selection of property under 200,000 euros including any work here, as well as a piece called ‘what is it that you do exactly’, which explains how I work, specifically where property in Puglia is concerned. I will be publishing something new every week from now on – so follow this blog using the button if you want to be kept up to date.

Next up is a selection of property from 200,000-  350,000, an article about centro storico apartments and town houses, one on Trulli as well as some general write ups on  particular areas. Do use the comment section below to say what you would like to read about. If you have any general property in Puglia questions feel free to add them in the comments section below as well, and I will answer them.

January started off well, with an English couple, who had previously come over for a long weekend in December, coming back and making an offer, which was accepted, on some gorgeous trulli. Buys like this don’t come up every day but, with a watching brief, you can get lucky. The trulli are in good structural condition and have features such as oven, fireplaces and some of the original flagstones on the floors. Covering some 180 square metres, the trulli need complete modernization, but they come with a good amount of land and cost 79,000 euros (around half the price of similar properties for sale). We are meant to be completing in March, so fingers crossed!

Website:  The current personalpuglia.com is a horribly outdated holiday site, with nothing related to property for sale – hopefully the new one will be ready shortly – watch this space..

Trips to Puglia: At A Place in the Sun, last October, many of the people I talked to were interested in buying in Puglia, but felt they needed to explore the different areas more before deciding where to focus. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to organize some ‘Puglia property adventure’ taster trips. My idea was to book in some dates staying both in the Valle D’Itria area but also down in the Salento – maybe 3 nights in each, with the possibility of doing either one or the other or both. Part of the day would be spent doing ‘touristy stuff’ exploring different areas as a group (so no need to hire a car), but I could also organize viewings of properties on an individual basis in the remaining time. At either lunch or dinner there would be a special meal in a good local restaurant. I thought of keeping prices down and choosing economical but charming bed and breakfast accommodation.The cost would probably be around 100 euros a night including transport, breakfast and one other meal. I would be around to answer any general or specific property questions. I will include details in the next newsletter, but do email me in the meantime if you are interested.

If you would rather do your own thing, but would like to discuss areas, have property viewings arranged and some recommendations for accommodation then do contact me as well. I am always happy to help organize trips, and, because of my past work in tourism, can always get at least the lowest published price for accommodation, often better, as well as preferential treatment for people booking through me.

Investment Property in Puglia: There are some unmissably good buys around at the moment, but equally there are a lot of people wanting more than their budget will stretch to, or undecided whether to buy or not. The concept of fractional ownership, where buyers share the freehold and appear on the title deed, has until now been largely confined to buying off plan, or apartments in large developments. I would like to put people together in order to jointly buy properties – as a 1-3 year investment with a return of around 20%, possibly more. The owners would have shares in a limited company, which would buy the property. Buyers would have the use of the property, so they can see whether Puglia is actually right for them, a share of the rental income when the property is not being used by owners, and a guaranteed ‘get out’ plan. Do get in touch if this might be of interest.

Do email me – caroline@personalpuglia.com  or ring me on 0039 3337911030. Am also happy to Skype by prior arrangement

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