Puglia – Where to stay part 1 – previously published in Luxury Travel Guide – European edition

Puglia has always been a favoured destination for Italian holiday makers, but is now increasingly popular with the discerning international visitor who comes, not just for the incomparable sea and the best beaches on the Italian mainland, but also for the food, the wine and to experience the unique history, culture and way of life, largely unspoiled by tourism. The areas of the Salento and Gargano may be better known, but the area between Bari and Brindisi has as much, or more, to offer as well as being closer to the airports. Continue reading

Puglia a ‘cultural desert’? I don’t think so!

Yesterday I read an article in the Daily Mail about Borgo Egnazia hotel and, loosely, Puglia. It made my blood boil to the point that I immediately added an, admittedly waspish, comment. The comment wasn’t posted, nor were my subsequent more moderate attempts but I still feel the need to redress the balance, so I am doing it here. My problems with the article? Continue reading