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Here in Nardò it seems almost as if the lockdown never happened – yes, restaurant tables are more widely spaced and at least some people wear masks in shops, but summer is in full swing and there are visitors everywhere. Certainly the Covid statistics in Puglia remain good, usually no new cases a day, 3 at the most.

I have done one property search trip, where we saw some very interesting properties which I will write about later this week, but have mainly been kept extremely busy lining up properties for people coming to view in August and September  and renting out houses for clients who were unable to travel themselves. Guests have been largely Italian – the holiday rental market has gone somewhat crazy post lockdown and all the properties I am looking after are filling up fast..

Italians tend to travel from mid July to the end of August, so there is plenty of availability in September and October if you are thinking of visiting.. One of the holiday homes is one that I found and then renovated for clients last year; La Lanterna, read about the process here. Although it sleeps up to 8 it can also be rented by couples who can enjoy the romantic courtyard garden, or by smaller groups. From 90 -200 euro per night. Email for details

My earlier predictions about the Puglia property market post lockdown seem to have held good. There have been some properties priced  low for a quick sale and they have, indeed, sold very fast indeed. Case in point was a three bedroomed apartment, remodernised and mainly in need of cosmetic improvements. It went on the market at 60,000, about 30-40,000 less than one would normally expect, and sold within a fortnight. There are some bargains around but even properties priced normally are selling well – the market being kept buoyant by buyers from the North of Italy. Many if not most of the properties I saw just before lockdown have sold or are under offer.

Two which haven’t sold I still think have enormous potential, Both are unique in their own way, both need a lot of work.

One is a historic palazzo dating from around 1600. It is accessed from a courtyard paved with the original flagstones. On the ground floor there is a fascinating warren of rooms which would have been used for storage, stabling (one has stone mangers for the horses) and more. A beautiful staircase leads up to the living area which has a dizzying succession of reception rooms and bedrooms, all with period features, including the floors, with vaulted ceilings and flooded with light as the palazzo occupies a whole block so most rooms have windows on two walls. In all there are 21 rooms, including a turn of the century kitchen.!  It is on the market at 420,000 but would probably take as much again to restore to its former splendor – not because it is in bad condition at all, but because the surface area is so vast!  It would make a perfect boutique hotel, or luxury bed and breakfast for someone wanting their own grand accommodation with plenty of guest rooms to spare.

Facade 38,000 medieval house

On an altogether more modest scale is a little medieval house just behind the castle. It is owned by one of my favourite builders who is happy to sell at 38,000 or to offer it restored to the buyers specification at around 85,000-90,000. This one hasn’t sold because it hasn’t been published anywhere other than here – it is a project close to the owner’s heart. The ground floor has the original cementine flooring, a fireplace and an unusual vaulted ceiling with carved rosettes. Upstairs there is a bedroom and bathroom, a large balcony and above that a roof terrace with views of the castle…

There are loads of other interesting properties on the market at the moment, starting from as low as 30,000 (not including work). I will write about a selection from my last viewing trip later this week and add more roundups as the month goes on. There should be quite a variety as I have four imminent visits from clients – one looking for a countryside property in the Valle D’Itria, budget 100-150,000, one a three bedroomed town house up to 200,000 and two looking for 1-2 bedroomed houses for under 80,000.

If you were thinking of coming to Puglia to look at property I am pretty busy, but have some slots free in September and October so do get in touch to see if I can help, I am always happy to schedule a no strings attached chat and offer a property search and advice service: personalpuglia@gmail.com



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